Community based Rehabilitation

Focussing on CWD's


USDC implements Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programmes within agreed partnerships with communities and local governments.

Implemented by beneficiaries, local communities, Civil Society Organizations, USDC and government staff the rehabilitation programme heavily relies on locally available resources to bring out the potential in disabled children so that they can lead fulfilling lives.

All activities contribute to the overall goal that is ‘Rights of children in Uganda realized’. The programmes are implemented for the purpose of mainstreaming the concerns of Children With Disabilities (CWDs) in planning and development process at all levels. To achieve this purpose USDC’s key response principles are mainstreaming disability issues and concern strengthening partnerships, learning from previous work, fostering participation of children and lending it a professional approach by USDC staff.


The objectives of the strategic plan are:

  • Childhood disability Information and Education: Improve knowledge, attitudes and practices concerning child hood disability within the community, including policy makers and service providers.

  • Childhood Disability Information Management: Effective collection, analysis, management and sharing of child hood disability specific data, as well as learning through USDC’s and its partners’ experiences, challenges and successes.

  • Platform for the rights of CWDs: Strengthen partnership through networking with stakeholders at all levels and establishing a platform for fulfilment of the rights of disabled children in Uganda.

  • Policy advocacy and Lobbying: Work towards the incorporation of childhood disability issues in government plans and policies, at all levels.

  • Capacity Building:Increase the capacity of government, children, families and other partner for the fulfilment of rights of CWDs.

  • USDC staff Capacity to manage programme: Improved capacity of USDC staff to manage the new country programme professionally at regional and national levels.