Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education

The objectives of the inclusive education project are to improve education service provider’s attitudes and practices about education of children with disabilities (CWD’s), to increase the co-ordination of local level service provider’s structures of education in Uganda and to increase CWD’s enrolment and retention in school. Key activities include assisting the development of an inclusive education policy, organization of teacher training sessions, arranging outreach and providing sponsorship or direct support for 60 children to increase access to schooling. This project, now in its second phase, has been implementated since 2010 and by 2014 will have impacted a total of nine districts in Uganda.

East African institutional linkage on special needs, inclusive education and rehabilitation conference and meeting 2017


The East African Institutional Linkage on Special Needs, Inclusive Education and Rehabilitation was started in 1999. The aim of the linkage is to serve as a forum for knowledge generation and sharing in special needs, inclusive education, rehabilitation and related services in disability in the East African Countries: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.The linkage meetings are held annually and rotationally within the member countries. During this period scholarly papers are presented, experiences are shared on best practices, centers of excellence for human resource development identified and meeting to carry forward the innovations held.

Uganda, in particular Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation, Kyambogo University will host the 2017 Conference that ends with a meeting. The host institution funds lunch and refreshments, conference venue, study trips to selected sites and undertake all operational costsincluding publicity, stationery, and documentation.

The linkage will last four days (two days for the conference, one day for meeting and another day for a field trip. The proposed date for the linkage conference and meeting is 8th to 13th May 2017.

Purpose of the conference

The purpose of the conferences is to bring together educationists, researchers, scholars and development partners to deliberate on scholarly information, experiences, current trends and practices in inclusive education, disability, rehabilitation, human rights and identify opportunities for a robust inclusive education, disability and rehabilitation agenda for East Africa, with a focus on putting the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Agenda into action.

Conference Theme:

Inclusive Education and Rehabilitation: towards the realization of sustainable development goals.

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