Empowerment of parents and families of children with disabilities

Overcoming inequalities by creating innovative opportunities

Families with children with disabilities face additional hardships and become often isolated. Disability has social and economic impact on the whole family. Families need to be empowered to be able to overcome barriers to inclusion of their children

USDC creates opportunities through setting up of parent support groups and child rights clubs. Families are equipped with skills and opportunities to overcome inequalities:

  • Opportunities to share experiences, socialise, learn from each other and learn with each other
  • Opportunities to raise awareness and improve the situation of children with disabilities and their families within the community
  • Opportunities for financial stability through income generating activities, micro finance and savings schemes which allows children with disabilities to go to school


To register please complete the form below or email your details to membership@usdc.or.ug The cost of becoming a member of USDC is 50,000UGX/$20 USD/£13 GBP per year. Payment can be made by the following methods:

Thank you for your support.