Better & empowered households of cwds- usdc mid western region.


Nyangoma Zainabu is a girl born in 2002 in Bokwe village to peasant farmer Parents called Kato Hussein very deep in Masindi district in a sub county called Pakanyi near Queen Elizabeth national park very far from masindi town.

Zainabu got burnt while in their grass thatched house that caught fire when she was still at the age of 4 years and helpless because her parents had to gone to work in the garden, only to hear alarms and when they came running they found the house on fire already and when she was rescued, there was very little hope that she could heal or her life would be saved.

Nyangoma spent 8 (eight) months in the hospital under treatment. She afterwards was discharged and on healing, she had contractures all over her upper body part and she could not move her hands, neither could she bend them.

Nyangoma was brought to USDC for registration and luckily enough, she was considered among the selected children to benefit from the Better and Empowered households of children with disabilities project.

Nyangoma has been operated twice in the plastic surgical camps organized by USDC in Hoima (2016 and 2017). She can now move her hands freely and is now back in school, something that her parents thought would be a miracle. All thanks to the efforts of


Asiimwe Kizito is a male child who was born in 2010 to Akum Glades (mother) a peasant farmer in Nyabigoma villages, Budongo Sub County in Masindi District.

This child was Diagnosed of Bilateral CTEV (club foot) and could not walk well due to his feet being deformed and upside down. This boy could not even attend school at the age of 7 years due to lack of ability to move alone to school which is a government aided one and also very far from their household. When USDC introduced its project of Better and empowered household of children with disabilities in Masindi district, Asiimwe Kizito was selected among those children with disabilities to benefit under that USDC project.

Kizito got operated in 2016 in a surgical camp organized and facilitated by Uganda society for disabled children (USDC) in Hoima, together with the help of parents and the home visits conducted by the physiotherapists facilitated by USDC in Masindi district is now able to walk on his own without any kind of interruption and is now able to go to school which he was unable to do at first before the help of USDC.

The mother said;
“nothing has ever brightened my life like USDC helping my child, my hope was restored”
The child is now living happily with his family and the mother is the happiest now, seeing his child move like others which she never thought would happen in her entire life, all thanks to USDC/MADNEPAC for the great work.


Kusiima Regan a son to Mr Kusiima Godfrey and Katusiime sudat who hails from Kihomboza cell, Bujumbura Division Hoima District have been toiling with their son’s problem with the leg which he acquired at the age of 2. On realizing this, His parents intervened by applying local herbs. This however turned the situation worse when it got swollen and started releasing pus.


Abigaba Trinity a daughter to Hope Godfrey and Nasali Molly born on 16th March 2002 in Kisansya west, Kisansya ward, kigwera sub county Buliisa District. She was identified by USDC during mapping exercise at the start of BETTER and EMPOWERED HOUSEHOLDS of CWDs project in 2015. It so happened that this child was among those who were selected to benefit from the project.

Trinity was diagnosed of post burn contracture STEV (R) Hand which she acquired at 4 years when she fell into a hot boiling source pan of beans in the kitchen with her mother. It’s at this time when her parents realized that their child was epileptic as well after seeking for medical attention from Buliisa Health centre IV.

The child was assessed by the orthopedic officer and recommended for plastic surgery at Hoima Regional Referral Hospital organized by USDC with support from ministry of Health.

Trinity is also benefitting from epileptic drug bank of Kigwera Parents support group which is also supported by USDC for epileptic drugs sustainability of which Trinity’s parents subscribe to. Because of the reduced attack/episodes as a result of taking drugs as prescribed by health professionals and on time, this child has been in position to acquire a life skill in tailoring under apprenticeship support by USDC.


Tumuramye Atuhairwe a son to a peasant farmer Atuhairwe Atuhumuza and Mugisa Tuhaise of kyohairwe village, kyphairwe parish, Buhanika sub county of Hoima District was born with a deformity on his chest. Being supported by birth attendants in the village, it was taken to be something that will compose in the body as the child grows. On identification of this child while for a home visit by USDC, The child’s deformity was worsening in terms of growth, the child could play with it freely without pain and fellow children could make fun of him. This is the reason as to why his parents had not enrolled him for school.

The physiotherapist on identification recommended for the surgeons opinion who later on review diagnosed it to be OMPACOCOELE. Child was operated by the general surgeon Hoima Regional Referral Hospital but was also found with other multiple chest abnormalities.

It was reduced and now the parents and child feel happy with the current status of their child.