Where we work

Where we work

USDC currently operates in 14 core districts including Kampala and 11 others districts working in partnership

Health, Education and Training for CWD’s

This project, implemented across three districts, is intended to improve the health and education of CWD’s. Its objectives are to increase knowledge on childhood disability and protection of CWD’s, increase capacity of duty bearers to protect CWD’s from abuse and to improve coordination monitoring and review.

Accompanied by a number of media campaigns key activities include providing training to network organizations on mainstreaming disability issues within their programs, training parents and care providers in psychological support for CWD’s, lobbying and supporting for the passing of the disability act and special needs and inclusive education policy.


To register please complete the form below or email your details to membership@usdc.or.ug The cost of becoming a member of USDC is 50,000UGX/$20 USD/£13 GBP per year. Payment can be made by the following methods:

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