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Children who learn together,
learn to live together

SDG Goal 4: Ensure Inclusive And Quality Education For All And Promote Lifelong Learning Education is a right for everyone, not a privilege for a few. Less than 10% of children with disabilities in Africa attend primary school. In Uganda, only 2% of children with disabilities reach secondary level education. Uganda Society of Disabled Children was founded in 1986, providing direct support to children with disabilities and their families. Initially, the organisation was managed and controlled from London, UK, but in 2000 USDC became a locally managed and run non-governmental organisation (NGO). From its small beginnings, the scope of work was continuously widened and in the 1990s, a community based approach was adopted. Today, the society operates in 14 core districts including Kampala and 11 other districts working in partnerships.

Inclusive Education

Uganda Society for Disabled Children works towards creating inclusive education systems:

Accessible schools: Raise awareness about environmental barriers and make schools more accessible Trained teachers: Train teachers in inclusive education and special needs Positive attitudes: Change attitudes – through training and raising awareness and child to child approach – using a child to child approach, USDC changes attitudes where it matters - with peers. Political framework: Develop inclusive policies and frameworks Uganda Society for Disabled Children is leading the way to create an inclusive education system that enables all children to fulfil their potential. In partnership with our international supporters, we are working on different levels, providing children with disabilities with increased opportunities to access education as well as training teachers to cater for their needs.

The Child to Child Inclusive Education project

The Child to Child Inclusive Education project is an innovative approach that addresses environmental, institutional and most importantly attitudinal barriers to Inclusion. Children identify and engage out-of-school disabled children in their communities, identify barriers to their exclusion, and work with schools and communities to ensure they access and stay at school. The child to child approach works towards long lasting change of attitudes. By learning together, stigma is reduced and peers become advocates for better learning for everyone.

On a systemic level, USDC and our partners work towards improving teacher training to enable teachers to facilitate inclusion. Together with Kyambogo University and other stakeholders, modules for inclusive education have been developed to train tutors at teacher training colleges. This will improve skills and practice within the schools and lead to better opportunities for children with disabilities.

To provide a forum for sharing good practices, knowledge and experiences in inclusive education and special needs education, rehabilitation services and related areas, the East African Linkage on Special Needs, Inclusive Education and Rehabilitation was created in 1999. Linkage meetings are held annually and bring experts from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda together to discuss latest developments, this year the conference was held in Uganda.

About us

Give a helping hand to a needy people

We are an indigenous childhood Non–government organization in Uganda, established in 1985 committed to recognizing and equalizing the rights of children with disabilities. USDC’s main aim is to help children with disabilities and their families to access resources and opportunities to enable them achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Our Vision

A society in which children with disabilities can grow and develop to their full potential

Our Mission

To promote equal rights and equitable opportunities for CWDs through advocacy, capacity building, and rehabilitation.

Our Values


Team work and the spirit of best interest for the organisation.


Transparency and accountability to all our stakeholders .


Partnership to create a support network for CWDs and their families.


Non-discriminationand belief in the uniqueness of each individual child


rofessionalism and service above self.

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