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USDC, a local Non Government Organisation (NGO) founded in 1985, is committed to recognising and equalising the rights for children with disabilities.

USDC exists to help disabled children and their families to access resources and  opportunities to enable them achieve their full potential. The Society is currently implementing a country strategy which aims at reaching all the disabled children in Uganda by raising public awareness about disability; building government capacity, empowering parents to offer care and protection to their children with disabilities (CWD’s) and facilitating individual CWD’s to access services for rehabilitation; the Society also undertakes lobbying & advocacy activities to ensure disability inclusive polices, programmes and legislation. Our work benefits over 6000 children annually.

The Society, originally headquartered in the UK, began by providing small-scale welfare help to disabled children and their families across Uganda but later adopted a Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) approach in the early 1990s through which it partnered with the Government to provide services for Children with disabilities. In April 2000 it was decided that all management responsibilities and assets be transferred from the UK to Uganda.

The UK office was downsized accordingly but continued to provide fundraising support of the Uganda operations, which are overseen by a new, Kampala based Council of Management. In 2006 USDC UK transformed into Able Child Africa and the two organizations (Able Child Africa & USDC) are now legally distinct but share similar aims and a close working relationship.

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