Recognising & Equalising the rights of children with disabilities

Our Mission

To provide equal rights and equitable opportunities for children with disabilities through inclusive learning, and parenting.

Our Vision

A society in which children with disabilities can grow and develop to their full potential.

Uganda Society for Disabled Children (USDC) was founded in 1985 and registered with the NGO bureau under No. INDR 3313898NB. It began by providing smallscale welfare help to disabled children and their families, later adopting a CommunityBased Rehabilitation (CBR) approach and to date embraces the social model of disability.

We recognise our partners like CEWARN funded by EU, UNWomen, WPHF, Bread for the World, Comic Relief, Marr Munning through Able Child Africa, Motivation International and Open Society in East Africa (OSIEA), all the 14 Local Governments and parents Support Groups we work with. Ministry of Education, MoH, MoGLSD and the disability fraternity and CSOs who
share our vision.

At a Glance


Uganda Society of Disabled Children was founded in 1985

0 %

Approximately 16% Ugandan children have a disability


14 core districts of operation including Kampala

0 Million

Globally, 93 million children (14yrs) live with a disability

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