Strong Partnerships for Advocacy

This has improved perceptions towards Children with Disabilities’ potential and hence offers a great opportunity to scale impact and combine advocacy efforts.

Strengthening Delivery of Inclusive Health Services

Community based structures that demand for improved health services for CWDs have been put in place such as a Functional referral system that enables CWD receive corrective interventions and also Parents have basic skills on home based care for CWDs.

Protection of Rights of Children with Disabilities

Enhanced capacity of schools to integrate inclusive co-curricular activities that engage CWDs and enhanced capacity of community and local government structures to mainstream disability in planning and resource allocation thus leading to Positive change in attitude towards reporting and handling cases of abuse involving CWDs

Promotion of Inclusive Education

Teachers acquire skills and adopt instructional materials that are inclusive thus enabling CWDs to acquire these life skills and use them in their interactions.

Positive Parenting

Parents of Yumbe actively involved in learning and development of Children with disabilities (CwDs) thus enhanced awareness of parents on early identification, management and referral of CwDs. ViableParents Support Groups (PSGs) are able to mobilize resources from government and from amongst themselves to advocate for the needs of CWDs.