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Recognising And Equalising
The Rights Of Children With Disabilities

In the past USDC has mainly used a Community Based Rehabilitation approach (CBR), but also embraced the social model of disability following the UNCRPD. By the Midterm review (October 2017), 8000 children had benefited from series of services such as; corrective surgery, physiotherapy, education grants, assistive devices and home visits.

This contributed to increased mobility and assimilation of CWDs within their communities. Over 820 CWDs had access to primary, secondary, and vocational training. Interventions at household level contributed towards improved care and support of CWDs, food security, and income generation. Parent Support Groups in a number of districts contributed to improved awareness and positive change of attitude of parents towards care and support of CWDs. As a result USDC observed increased enrolment of CWDs in school. In this strategic Plan, USDC would like to contribute towards improved learning outcomes of CWDs.

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